The TON Alphanonce–VistaLabs Fund

The TON Alphanonce–VistaLabs Fund
by TON Society
July 7, 2022
The TON Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the TON Alphanonce-VistaLabs (TAV) Fund, a $90-million fund intended to help foster ecosystem growth by supporting startups that look to The Open Network as their layer-1 blockchain of choice.
The TAV fund joins hallowed ranks, having launched in the wake of the TON Foundation’s gargantuan $1-billion raise and TONcoin Fund’s $250-million ecosystem fund.

The TAV Fund will hone in on brand new projects in the TON ecosystem and help promote the layer-1 blockchain to increase adoption worldwide. Moreover, the fund will help startups connect with advisors to facilitate networking and financing. In addition, projects receiving investments from the TAV Fund will be awarded an additional $10,000 from the grant program.

Justin Hyun, Head of Incubation at the TON Foundation, expressed his excitement about the newest chapter in the TON ecosystem: “The TON Alpha-Vista Fund is the latest ecosystem fund to launch with an explicit focus on the TON blockchain. This marks another exciting milestone in TON’s growth and is further proof of the value seen in the TON blockchain. We are excited to support the innovative developers building on our blockchain and are looking forward to seeing the ecosystem develop.”

Haemin Park, a Partner at VistaLabs, commented on the new fund’s goals: “Through the TAV Fund, we will foster an environment where founders can continuously challenge boundaries and provide support to realize amazing ideas natively on TON. Projects natively built on TON have the potential to be serviced and used by millions of people, and we have confidence that such projects will provide unprecedented values to global users.”

Elsewhere, the influence of TON has reached far and wide, with Jack Shin, Head of FTX Korea, saying, “TON is very competitive and advanced in terms of expandability and speed. It is ultra-fast, cheap, and user-friendly. We highly regard the potential of services and projects built natively on TON and offered through social networks.”

If you’re a project founder who’s interested in collaborating with the fund, you can submit an application here:

To learn more about the funds in the TON ecosystem, you can visit TON Society’s official website: