Flipster x TON: Celebrating Our Partnership
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Flipster x TON: Celebrating Our Partnership

Earn up to 26% APR and Win a Share of 50,000 USDT Pool Rewards

Event 1: Earn up to 26% APR

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Make a net deposit of 100 USDT or more using the TON network and earn up to 26% APR on your entire USDT wallet balance, without any need to stake or lock your assets.

For more details, check out this page.

Event 2: Mint TON Society SBT to Win Your Share of 50,000 USDT Reward Pool

50,000 USDT Sweepstakes for USDT Depositors from TON supported Wallets

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Deposit any amount of USDT from supported TON wallets to Flipster to win from a pool of 50,000 USDT rewards and mint TON Society SBT.

Steps to participate

Open your TON Wallet supported by TON Connect on Telegram.

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Deposit ANY amount of USDT to Flipster. Don’t forget to put in memo / tag / comment.

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Connect your TON Wallet (by clicking the button at the bottom of the page) for reward eligibility

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Once connected, click the "Join now" button at the bottom of the page.

Earn more by increasing your share through additional tickets. Details are mentioned in the Tickets section below

That's it! You are done! You can now get your share from the 50K USDT reward pool!

Not a Flipster user?

Sign up for a Flipster account

Don’t Have TON Gas Fees for Transfer?

Apply for gas fee support. Flipster will send the gas fee within 3 days of application.

Important Notes

  • Automatic Registration: Once you click "Join now", you are automatically eligible.
  • Visibility of "Join now" Button: Don't worry if the button remains visible after clicking; you are already registered.

SBT Airdrop Details

SBT Tokens: They will be airdropped to your account within 10 days after the campaign ends. SBT serves as your eligibility to the reward and also future governance for TON Society activities.

Reward Distribution & Ticket Explanation

By Deposit Amount:

  • Net Deposit > 0 USDT: 1 ticket
  • Net Deposit > 50 USDT: 5 tickets
  • Net Deposit > 100 USDT: 10 tickets


  • 20 tickets per referral (up to 10 referrals, your referral must participate in SBT airdrop to be eligible).

At the end of the campaign period, rewards will be distributed based on your number of tickets.

  • Automatic Registration: No need for additional registration. Once you are eligible for SBT airdrop, you are automatically registered
  • Reward Drop: Rewards will be deposited into your Flipster account within 10 days after the campaign ends.

Your Reward Calculation: (50,000 USDT ✖️ Number of Your tickets) ÷ Total number of tickets


  • Deposit 60 USDT: Earn 5 tickets
  • Refer 3 friends: Earn 60 tickets
  • Your tickets: 65
  • Total number of tickets summed up from all users: 10,000
  • Your reward: 50,000 USDT ✖️ 65 ÷ 10,000 = 325 USDT

Join now and maximize your rewards with Flipster!