Getgems Level 1

Introducing the exciting world of TON collectibles.
Bringing the best NFTs to the best blockchain.

Create and own your custom DNS collectible to kickstart your journey. Join Getgems socials for updates on the collectibles scene. Then, select a wallet, connect it to the Quest bot, and log in to Getgems NFT Marketplace. Ensure you have at least 1 TON in your balance to complete tasks.

Simply create a domain name of your choice, serving as a short link to your Getgems profile or collection. Shorter names come at a higher price, with a minimum of just 0.5 TON. Your domain will be auctioned for 1-48 hours, depending on its length. The highest bidder claims ownership.

Once you own your domain, return to the tasks and complete the final step: "Confirm ownership". Ensure your NFT-domain is stored in the same wallet linked to the task bot. Upon confirmation, you'll receive your SBT badge. Enjoy the adventure!


Egg Fight Club L1: The Open League Pilot SeasonEarn your wings, Prepare to Fly with Web3. The Level One TON Collectible for The Open League; it’s your badge of honor for navigating the Pilot Season and your all-access pass to the rewarding skies of The Open League. We eagerly await our newest ace aviator. Join the greatest and most rewarding voyage in the crypto cosmos

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