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Create the perfect place for like-minded people to meet for coffee online or offline. No specific skills required.
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Cookbook: A Guide to Hosting TON Breakfasts

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in organizing your very own TON breakfasts, dinners, lunches, or informal gatherings. Whether you are a TON Society enthusiast or simply intrigued by the world of cryptocurrency, this networking event offers an ideal platform to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and projects, and foster collaborations with others.

If you're eager to get started, join us in the chat here, where you can announce upcoming breakfasts, extend invitations to participants, and receive support from the community.

Let's make these TON Breakfasts memorable and enriching experiences together!

Step 1: Prepare the dish

The concept of TON Breakfasts is to promote networking, collaboration, and growth within the TON Society. These gatherings can take place during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and participants engage with each other in any format they prefer.

The number of attendees can vary from 2 to 20 people or even more, and the cost per person typically ranges from $5 to $10. There are two options for handling the expenses: you can either organize a self-paid breakfast where attendees cover their own costs, or you can arrange the breakfast and request reimbursement from the TON Foundation afterward.

If you choose the reimbursement option, please send the bill, a photo of all the breakfast attendees, and your wallet details to Danel Guzairov

The refund will be processed in USDT and may take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Step 2: Check the ingredients for the recipe

To begin, you'll need a minimum of two individuals with an interest in Web3-related topics. The basic setup involves gathering over a meal for a duration of at least two weeks.

Select a convenient time and location that suits everyone's schedule, ensuring you reserve a table at a cozy breakfast venue. Share these details with all interested parties through social media or platforms like, meetup, and Eventbrite to attract participants.

The key objective is to establish a consistent meeting point so that people are aware of when and where the gatherings take place. By doing so, you create a reliable and inviting environment for ongoing engagement and collaboration.

Step 3: Try it after cooking

We believe that the organizers of TON breakfasts deserve recognition for their efforts. That's why we've created a reward system. Organizers receive NFT achievements for each breakfast organized. With every fifth achievement, the organizer moves to the next level and receives merch.

The levels are:

  • 5 NFTs scored — Junior Chef (a baseball cap)
  • 10 NFTs scored — Station Chef (a t-shirt)
  • 15 NFTs scored — Head Chef (long sleeve)
  • 20 NFTs scored — Executive Chef (hoodie)

Also, each breakfast and organizer will be reflected on the webpage and in TON Community after 2-3 hosted breakfasts (as proof of quality and constant frequency).


  • Choose the date, time, and place for the breakfast
  • Make a reservation — book a table at some cafe
  • Prepare an agenda to discuss: some recent web3 news, TON ecosystem, etc.
  • Write an announcement for any event platform listed above, inviting everyone in the TON Society to chat special breakfast topic
  • Publish the info about TON Breakfast in the TON Society Chat
  • Promote through different social media. Not only Telegram, but also Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You may use your own account to start with
  • Collect RVPS and remind everyone of the time and place before the breakfast
  • Make some photos during the breakfast
  • Share the results of the breakfast afterward: the number of people, topics for the future, useful contacts etc.
  • Remind Danel to give you an NFT achievement and share your TON Wallet address to provide reimbursement in TON for the breakfast
  • Plan the next meeting
  • Return to the first point

Remember to keep the key points in mind, have fun, and keep the community growing!

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