In TACT with TON

Dive into the world of TACT programming language with TON Society Europe's workshop
9 Dec 2023

Are you a newcomer to the world of Web3 and curious about TON Blockchain and Telegram Mini Apps technologies? Or are you a confident senior ready to dive into the realm of writing smart contracts on TON? Join us at our workshop in the heart of developers' hub − Prague!

What is TACT?

TACT is a new programming language for TON blockchain that is focused on efficiency and simplicity. It is designed to be easy to learn and use, and to be a good fit for smart contracts. Tact is a statically typed language with a simple syntax and powerful type system.

What is TON Society Europe?

TON Society Europe is your home for local TON activities and initiatives. Connect, exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, attract local investors, and get live support building on TON. Join our Telegram channel and become a member of TON Society.


In TACT with TONAttendees of In TACT with TON event, 9 Dec 2023, Prague

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Ayden Kutch
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