Notcoin Level 1

Notcoin is the world’s fastest growing Web3 game and a virality hit on Telegram.
It’s probably nothing.

What is The Open League? It’s the gateway to TON’s Web3 Ecosystem in Telegram. Brought to you by TON Society, we’re bridging the gap between Telegram users and the decentralized internet.

We’ve launched a series of tailor-made quests that introduce you to the best TON projects. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about blockchain and earn exclusive Toncoin-backed rewards. Join the free and open internet: Quest, Learn, Earn

Notcoin Level 1

Through Telegram Stories you’ll quickly grasp the basics of Notcoin required to understand the game. Next, follow Notcoin community to stay in touch and know when Notcoin gets finally minted.

Now to the game. Open the Notcoin bot and start tapping. You’ll want to join a squad next as it’s always easier to play with friends. However, you’ll need more friends, so now it’s your time to invite 5 new friends to Notcoin and try the upgrades. Upgrade your maximum energy and keep on playing until you reach the Silver league. Your job here is done; for now.

In exchange for taking part, you’ll be rewarded with a special Notcoin Cadet SBT granting you a single entry into our weekly XP raffle. This not only boosts your chances of winning but also enhances your reputation within the community. Climb the rankings, collect more SBTs, and explore the limits of the TON Ecosystem.


Notcoin L1: The Open League Pilot SeasonEarn your wings, Prepare to Fly with Web3. The Level One TON Collectible for The Open League; it’s your badge of honor for navigating the Pilot Season and your all-access pass to the rewarding skies of The Open League. We eagerly await our newest ace aviator. Join the greatest and most rewarding voyage in the crypto cosmos

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