The Open League: Pilot Season

Join TON Ecosystem’s first-ever massive rewards program, open to everyone!
Complete tasks, earn Collectibles and Toncoin-backed rewards.

Get ready. The Open League is Live!

The Open League, a community-approved initiative backed by 99.5% of TON Community voters, allows you to earn rewards through exciting quests across the TON Ecosystem.

Welcome to Crypto

Designed for simplicity, this community program completely removes the usual complexities of starting in crypto: if you’re already on Telegram, you’re ready to begin.

In this Pilot Season, you'll meet a selection of the TON Ecosystem’s most popular projects, like Wallet, the tApps Center, Notcoin, Egg Fight Club, and Fanton, already with a combined user base of more than 20 million.

TON and Telegram are bringing crypto to every pocket. Whether sending your first Toncoin through Wallet, mining your first Notcoin, strategizing a winning move in Egg Fight Club, or building a gameweek-winning team in Fanton, this Pilot Season brings the best of blockchain directly to you.

Quest, Earn, Collect, Repeat

You’ll earn Collectible Achievements and TON-backed Experience Points (XP) in the Open League.

XP distribution won’t start immediately, but it will begin soon, so collect as many achievements as possible to get the chance to win maximum rewards once distribution begins. XP has real value; you can exchange it for Toncoin anytime.

But that’s not all! Your collectible achievements have magical powers; each one you claim will forever boost your potential to win more XP.

Collecting achievements builds your on-chain reputation. That reputation will show you’re a real and loyal user. What do real and loyal users get in crypto? Airdrops! Show how valuable you are by collecting every achievement you can; then, it won’t just be the League that wants to pay you for your precious time. It might just be every project on TON.

Your reward

Completing all the quests in the pilot season will earn you a very special collectible

The Junior Pilot SBT

This SBT proves you completed all level 1 quests and gives you 1 entry into the Weekly XP lottery once it begins soon.

Remember, the more successful referrals you get on your unique link to this quest, the more entries to the lottery you’ll get. Share it far and wide to give yourself the best chance to win.

Start your Pilot Season here: Quest, Earn, Collect, and Repeat. Let your everyday digital activities become opportunities to earn big rewards.


Junior Pilot: The Open League Pilot SeasonEarn your wings, Prepare to Fly with Web3. The Level One TON Collectible for The Open League; it’s your badge of honor for navigating the Pilot Season and your all-access pass to the rewarding skies of The Open League. We eagerly await our newest ace aviator. Join the greatest and most rewarding voyage in the crypto cosmos

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