TON Hack Challenge
23 Oct23 Oct 2022 · $30,000 in TON

TON Hack Challenge

One-day contest for FunC developers with a total prize fund of $30,000.
Clarabelle Champlin and 362 others

A contest for smart-contract developers with a total prize fund of 30,000 TON starts on Oct. 23 at 9:00 UTC and lasts until 18:00 UTC.

The goal of the contest

We are holding a one-day contest aimed at finding vulnerabilities in smart contracts written in FunC, the programming language native to The Open Network blockchain.

Here is the TON Hack Challenge checklist to prepare for the contest:

  1. Read the official docs and set up a developer’s environment.
  2. Make sure you have a couple of TON - actually, 2 TON is enough for all tasks.
  3. Learn how to compose arbitrary cells via fift, tonweb, ton3, ton(whales), tongo, pytonlib.
  4. Learn how to compose internal messages and send messages to the network.
  5. Study how to read tl-b notation.
  6. Register through the @toncontests_bot.

About the task

There are 8 smart contracts, each of which contains a major flaw that allows intentional bypassing of intended logic and stealing of all funds. As soon as the participant figure out the issue they are encouraged to hack the smart contract and get all the Toncoin.

The first 5 contracts are revealed at the same time to hack, each of them will cost 3,000 TON. After all smart contracts of the first stage will be hacked, there will be a 15-minute break.

The last 3 contracts will cost 5,000 TON each and reveal one by one: once a contract is hacked, we give a 15-minute break and reveal the address and info of the next smart contract.

The contest will stop at 18:00 UTC: new smart contracts will not be revealed after that time and the contest will be continued next weekend. We will provide the details at @toncontests after the challenge is finished.

For almost all contracts, their funC code will be available upon reveal. Some, however, will be closed-sourced. You will need to disassemble them via TonScan, Ton Whales,,

Note, that registration through @toncontests_bot might help you not only stay notified and save time when the revealed contract is already hacked by some other participant, but also get information about the opening of the next contract and second stage of the contest.

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Prizes and honors

The prize will be awarded to the participants, who successfully hack smart contracts, and paid in TON. As soon as the participant figure out the issue they are encouraged to hack the smart contract and transfer all Toncoin from the contract balance (the bounty) to their wallets.

As our aim in holding the contest is to educate everyone and provide the atmosphere of learning how to write secure contracts, we request the winners to share with the community their way of thinking during the smart contract hacking. For each won task, where participants explain their way of thought step by step, they will receive 150 TON bonus. Explanations should be submitted through the ‘Support’ button at @toncontests_bot after the contest. Other registered participants will get a special TON Hack Challenge NFT.

To get NFT, it's necessary to register at @toncontests_bot.

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