TON Smart Challenge #4
8 Aug18 Aug 2023 · 30,000 TON

TON Smart Challenge #4

A a one-week contest open to both beginners and experienced FunC developers, featuring a total prize fund of 30,000 TON.
Samara Rogahn and 220 others
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About the Contest

The TON Smart Challenge #4 continues our tradition of offering tasks that showcase the fundamental aspects of how smart contracts function in TON. Participants will have the opportunity to master complex cell manipulations, smart contract storage organization, comment handling, basic cryptography, and the logic of governance smart contracts through problem-solving.

Registration, Submission, and Duration

Registrations are now open. The tasks will go live on August 8, and the submission deadline is August 18 at 23:59:59 (UTC+4).

To enter the challenge, register via the @toncontests_bot on Telegram. The bot will assist you throughout the registration process and send you notifications with the latest updates, such as the contest start or the tasks. The bot will also guide you on submitting your entry as a legitimate participant.

All entries must be submitted via GitHub, and your account must be at least a month old.

For comprehensive instructions on submitting your entries, you can also refer to the official GitHub repository with the challenge tasks, which the bot will provide you on the first day of the contest.

Scoring System & Prize Distribution

Winners of the contest will receive prizes denominated in Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON blockchain, which is also used as a resource for contract execution.

The scoring system is simple. For each solved problem, the participant can earn a maximum of 6 points:

  • Successful solution of the problem = 5 points
  • If the solution is solved with no gas spent = 1 extra point


  1. 10,000 TON - The top 15% of participants
  2. 10,000 TON - The middle 30% of participants
  3. 10,000 TON - The bottom 55% of participants

The pool of 10,000 TON will be split equally between all participants in the corresponding cohorts. In total, we will award 30,000 TON. Please note that the total prize may vary depending on the number of participants.

Participants 222

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