TON Test Challenge

The first contest for manual testers starting on 16 Sept. 12:00 UTC.
16 Sep - 25 Sep 2022
$50,000 in TON

The contest for testers will last unit Sept. 25 18:00 UTC. $50,000 will be distributed among the best participants, and the winners may get a job offer at the TON Foundation.

About the task

The goal of the contest is to use manual testing to find significant bugs in products in the TON ecosystem.

By significant bugs we mean UX inconsistencies, logical contradictions, and functional shortcomings. For example, if the application freezes, the action did not take place, incorrect information is displayed, the UI layout is so broken that it is impossible to use some function, etc. In other words, bugs that do not allow using some functionality of the application, or incorrect operation of the application (e.g. want to send 1 TON, but 5 TON was sent), or incorrect display of information (e.g. 1 TON sent, 0.99 TON is shown or you have NFT but it doesn't show up).

Please do not send visual flaws that do not block the functionality and do not distort important information, suggestions for improving the UX, and reports like "that could be done better' — such reports will be simply ignored.

Please, focus on significant bugs. If you find a security bug (one that may affect not only you, but also other users of the service) — please, do not publish it on the contest, but submit it privately through the bug bounty program. The reward for such bugs will be according to the rules of the bug bounty.

List of apps

How to submit

First, go through the @toncontests_bot to share with us your GitHub account and TON wallet address so we may reward you in case you win.

Then choose any products reflected on the website and test it.

All bug reports will be collected in the project repositories. The repositories are also provided in the list of projects. To make a bug report, go to the repository of the TON ecosystem project, follow the template of the issue, and provide a detailed explanation of the bug. It is mandatory to support the issue with a screencast or screenshots. Please, follow the template for the issue in each repository. It will also be taken into account during the approval of the pull request.

Before creating a report, make sure that there is no similar issue through the repository. If your report is recognized as a duplicate of one of them, the issue will be not reviewed.

Evaluation and prizes

Winners of the contest will get prizes in Toncoin, the cryptocurrency native to the TON blockchain. Each TON ecosystem project team will examine and double-check all the issues in its repository. Then each team will choose the top five bug reports. Each author of these bugs will get up to $500, based on the teams’ evaluation.

The top participants will get a chance to join the core TON Foundation team as manual QA Engineers.

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Winners of the contest


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