TON TWA Challenge
8 Jun27 Jul 2023 · $60,000 in TON

TON TWA Challenge

Contest for developers to create a Telegram Web Application based on TON.
Lexie Nitzsche and 66 others
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The goal of the contest

The Open Network has a lot of opportunities to build convenient services that allow users to do different actions directly within Telegram: storing, receiving, and sending TON and NFTs, making and collecting donations and many other things.

The goal of the contests is to inspire more builders to develop Telegram Web Apps (TWA) related to TON, using tools, docs, and tutorials organized by TWA Developers Community and find new use cases.

  1. The repository with useful tools and documentation
  2. Web Apps for Bots

About the task

The task is to create a Telegram Web Application based on TON in one of 5 different tracks:

  1. Games
  2. Entertainment
  3. Finance
  4. NFT
  5. Social

The results have to be submitted to the @toncontests_bot:

  1. the name of the project
  2. the link to the prototype
  3. the link to the GitHub repository with description and code. You may keep the closed-source repo during the development. But after submitting, it must be open source.
  4. the link to the presentation (video is optional)

The main goal is to make not only TWA connected to TON, but also that follows the criteria:

  1. the idea of the Telegram Web App
  2. functional prototype
  3. open code repository
  4. presentation

During the competition, we will encourage those participants who give feedback on the current TWA documentation via pull requests in the main repository. The TWA community will evaluate all the PRs and decide to reward the best at the end of the competition.

Prizes and honors

Winners of the contest will get prizes nominated in TON — cryptocurrency native to the TON blockchain, which is also used as a resource for contract execution.

The prize pool will be divided between the top-6 TWA — $60,000.

Even multiple TWA in the same track could get the prize.

Useful links

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