Play on TON, Learn Web3, Earn Rewards, Build Your ReputationBecome a TON ecosystem power user, earn rewards, build your TON profile, just for using TON's most loved projects.
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The Open League: Pilot SeasonJoin TON Ecosystem’s first-ever massive rewards program, open to everyone!
Complete tasks, earn Collectibles and Toncoin-backed rewards.
tApps Center Level 1TON and Telegram are building a Web3 SuperApp – discover how!
Telegram is more than just a messenger
Fanton Level 1Fanton takes fantasy football to a whole new level.
Fantasy football has never been this exciting!
Notcoin Level 1Notcoin is the world’s fastest growing Web3 game and a virality hit on Telegram.
It’s probably nothing.
Wallet Level 1Wallet on Telegram is putting crypto in every pocket.
Wallet gives you back control of your digital assets
Trainee Pilot: Onboarding QuestWelcome to The Open League, you’re about to discover Web3 on Telegram.
Get to know the best projects TON and Telegram have to offer
Getgems Level 1Introducing the exciting world of TON collectibles.
Bringing the best NFTs to the best blockchain.